Multiplier event: Conference, on November 16, 2018, the multiplying event of the project: “EMECOE, ways to encourage oral competence”

Last Friday 16th November, another APEOICVA event was held, this time it was a multiplying event for the KA204, EMECOE project. A project in which many teachers have been participating from various institutions: APEOICVA, EOI XÁTIVA, VISION (Austria), and ELC (Polonia) since Octubre 2016. Soon, once the final report is written out, it will come to an end, on 30th January 2019.
At this event the intellectual products that have been created during the project were launched: an educatioanl portal and a methodological guide. 140 people registered for the event. This KA2 project has enabled the efficient teaching of oral skills to be developed and empowered and, in so doing, improved the foreign language learning in European centres. Many headteachers from EOI language schools from all over the Valencian Communtiy have attended this event, and also teachers and headteachers from Catalunya (EOI Sabadell) and teachers from Secondary schools too.


programa bo diptic 16 nov

Presentations of the multiplier event:

Presentation of the guide

Pecha kucha

Interactive sheets

From CO to EO

Conceptual maps

VideoTalk L. Clanfield

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