EMECOE is a European Community KA2 project in which the participants are Spanish, Polish and Austrian foreign language teachers who teach English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. Our project stems from the current analysis of oral competence teaching in language centres for adults, especially in levels A2, B1 and B2.

After identifying the difficulties which our students face when carrying out oral communication activities, regardless of their origin or the language they study.

We aim to offer our fellow teachers of foreign languages tools which will enable them to improve their teaching strategies as well as their students’ oral competence

The first of these tools being this portal – a place for teacher training, exchanging ideas, activities and information. The second tool is a pedagogic guide in which we will explain the conclusions which have been reached from previous tasks regarding the errors we make, the strategies which enable us to achieve better results and the technological aplications which can be used to enrich our classroom activities.

We aim to achieve the following objectives


Achieve higher efficiency in FL for adult learners


Reinforce cooperation among European teachers in order to improve language learning in the European Community

Reinforce the IT

Reinforce the use of IT in our methodologies


Achieve an easier anchorage of the CEFRL levels both for the teacher and for the examiner

Propose reforms

Propose pedagogical and evaluation reforms, based on our innovative experiences, to the European institutions

Insertion and integration

Benefit, in the long term, employability and social integration for European citizens

Participants in this project


Escuela oficial de Idiomas de Xátiva – Official school of Languages in Xátiva

APEOICVA : Asociación de Profesores de EOI de la Comunidad Valenciana – Valencian Community EOI teachers association.


The association which supports the CEBS,affiliated to the Austrian Ministry of Education, in its activities


Europe des Langues et des Cultures is a non-governmental organization

PROJECT CALENDAR : Implementation: from September 2016 to September 2018 | Portal updating and maintenance: until 2028